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Today, we’re going to talk about a beautiful song by Scott McKenzie: “San Francisco (Be sure to wear flowers in your hair)”. This song was written by John Philips and sung by Scott McKenzie. How can we forget his beautiful voice?

So guys, first of all you must know that the incredible Monterey Pop Festival was promoted by his amazing song. This festival took place in June 1967 in California, during the Summer of Love. Indeed, it’s been 50 years that 100.000 young Americans who were under 25 went to San Francisco since they dreamt of living a better life in a progressive place where you could find Hippies.

During the Summer of Love, there was the Monterey Pop Festival. It was a music festival, where different artists such as Jimi Hendrix, the Who and Otis Redding gave concerts.

This song, “San Francisco”, conveyed a message of peace and love and represented San Francisco and California as an idyllic place, a paradise of never ending summer. Indeed, at the time, California was perceived a dreamland and it was a magnet for young dreamers. Scott McKenzie refers to these young dreamers when he explains “people are in motion” in his song. Indeed the young Americans who participated in the Summer of Love wanted to change the world and make people’s mentalities evolve.

“San Francisco” was one of the best-selling singles of the 1960s in the world. Consequently, lots of people liked this song especially since the lyrics tell that The Summer of Love in California was sweet and magic for everyone.

In a nutshell, San Francisco (be sure to wear flowers in your hair) was a symbol of idealism and THE song of the Hippie Movement!

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