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ACDC!!! yes… when you say ACDC you have to scream and shout because they are the hard rock band !!

I’m going to tell you some crispy details about this famous worldwide band…

First of all, ACDC has several meanings like ‘After Christ Devil Comes » or  » Anti Christ Destroy Christ » and more…

As you can see, hear and understand we are still in the hard rock universe, with the creepy Devil and the weird things about Christ.

But don’t forget what the band thinks about the letters A, C, D, C… For them it means the power and love for music.

It is powerful…

Oh by the way, do you know the story behind the logo ? …  Of course you don’t because, who knows?

Margaret, Malcom and Angus’s sister saw this logo on a vacuum cleaner and then told the musicians about it. And they liked it!!

Voila! End of this (tiny, tiny) story about the logo… But don’t we say « behind a little thing is hiding something bigger »??

Here we go with the backstage, those things that people know… but don’t really know!

1- Bon Scott’s death

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His body was found in London after a big party certainly with a lot, a lot of alcohol because he died while suffocating in his own vomit (ew)! It was a huge thing!! Imagine, today, a member of One Direction dying… everyone would go search their names on Google or they would listen to their music… It would be such a good thing for the band… Economically speaking !

And that… did happen to ACDC, they actually became more famous after the death of one of their member!

2- Bye Bye! Malcom Young

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In 2014, Malcom had to leave the band because of his health…

Yes, he had a stroke that made him lose his memory! So it is difficult for a singer/player to sing or play when you don’t remember the chords and the lyrics of a song…

3- Phil Rudd, bad boy!

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Phil Rudd is literally a bad boy, the worst boy in the group… And it’s not a compliment… Believe me!

They first fired him because he was dealing with a lot of drugs and alcohol.

Dealing with justice’s issues too.

According to the police, he threatened someone (and his daughter) who had badly made his job… He hired a hit man to kill them but thank god he got caught before they were killed!

I told you 😉 Phil is a bad guy…


I hope I helped you to know more about ACDC. THANK YOU for reading this article!!

Cheers !

Wendy Ph, 2nd2. Lycée Martin Luther King – Bussy Saint Georges


The King of Pop

Hi! I am going to present to you an artist everyone knows. I am totally sure you know him! This person is Michael Jackson! He is the most famous artist in the world, the most honoured one, a great dancer, the best singer, well in a nutshell, he is THE artist. Seven of his albums are still among the most sold out albums in the world. Above all, M.Jackson is a humanitarian person and that’s why I love him. But now he’s dead. He died on June 25 2009 and he was only 50 years old. I think he was young and he had a lot to give yet. He was born in Indiana in 1958 in a big underprivileged family. He grew up with his eight brothers and sisters. A few years later, the little Michael and his elder brothers created the emblematic band that we all know : The Jackson 5.

[youtube] He started his solo career at the age of 13 I think. He made some songs with a few artists. After this period, in the beginning of the 80s, people realized that MJ was revolutionizing the music industry . He became one of the 1st singer who released his songs with music videos. All of this started with one of my favorite songs of this period « Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough ». [youtube] 1982 – Thriller is the  longest music video of the Pop History. It is14 minutes long! It is like a short movie. I love Thriller because it scares my sister and it always makes me laugh. So, Thriller had an amazing success: 1 million albums sold in only one month, it is awesome, 10 millions in 10 years and more than 40 millions until now.

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Through his concerts and videos MJ invented several famous dancing moves  like « the Moonwalk » which became his hallmark. Once, during a live performance with his brothers in 1988 the King of Pop sang and danced Billie Jean for the first time. It is was also THE FIRST time he did the MOONWALK.

[youtube] During his life, MJ contributed to fight against famines, damaging environment, child abuse, education, diseases and racism. In 1985 he wrote  « We are the World » with Lionel Ritchie to fight against hunger in Ethiopia. In 1992, he created a foundation called « Heal the World ». This foundation delivered medicine for children and fought against AIDS, violence at schools and famine. MJ’s humanitarian aid collected more than 400 millions dollars.

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Many rumours said that he used to sleep in an oxygen bed and that he also bleached his skin. He changed his noise seven times or more, we don’t really know. People even say that he abused children, but it was never proved and the justice court said he was innocent.

However, everyone must know that he was accused of plagiarism concerning a short passage of his song  » Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin  » He used the sample of the song SOUL MAKOSSA « Mama-se, mama-sa,mama-coo-sa » which is an African song written by Manu Dibango who is a famous Cameroonian saxophonist and singer. Manu Dibango won the case and MJ was found guilty.
MJ et Lady Diana met in 1988 for the Bad World Tour in London. Knowing that she was attendind his concert, he decided to remove the song « Dirty Diana » from his set list in order not to shock the royal family. But the Princess told him that It was her favourite song. He was surprised and frustrated but since then, they became friends and shared many intimate moments, until the tragic death of the Princess in 1997.

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Personally, I love him very much, I have even got the Wii game  » Michael Jackson The EXPERIENCE » My mum gave it to me for my birthday…and I LOOOVE IT.


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Yasmine Yacuba-Toupidie (2nd3 – Lycée Martin Luther King)