Elvis Presley VS David Bowie

Article rédigé par Pauline G. et Justine P.

« Hey, are you okay? »

« No, not at all, I’m so stressed, I don’t want to do my presentation »

« Me neither, it’s so stressful,… Oh my presentation is awful. »

« Mine too, I’m not confident at all. It’s break time! I should train again. »

« Which celebrity did you choose? »

« I chose David Bowie »

« Wow, I love him, I was about to choose him but I prefer Elvis so I chose Elvis Presley! »

« What? You prefer Elvis Presley to David Bowie. This is the craziest thing of the day or maybe the week I’ve ever heard »

« I totally think that Elvis is the best one! Don’t you agree ? »

« You’re wrong! David Bowie is an icon, your singer is from the Stone Age, no one remembers him! »

« The two of us know about him, he is one of the most significant icons of the 20th century and we still remember him. Plus, he died in 1977, it’s not that long ago. When did David die? »

« He died in January, on the 10th 2016, last year, he had a great life, and he died when he was 69. »

« Elvis lived only 42 years, but that was enough to make him a star, an incredible singer, musician and actor. Yeah, he wasn’t only a singer. »

« David wasn’t only a singer, he was also a songwriter, an actor and a producer, and he was a bit of a painter too. »

« You got me on that one! David is English, right? »

« Yes, he was born in London, in 1947 but he died in New York. How about Elvis? »

« Elvis was born in Mississippi, in 1935 and died in Tennessee. For your information, his death wasn’t common, he died on his toilets, but it was the first story, because he was found lying down on the floor next to his toilets, when in reality he fell out of his barber’s chair, he died because of a cardiac arrest! »

« Wow, I didn’t know that’s crazy, and a little strange. »

« Yes, he was really unique; he also has a special nickname. Did you know he is called the king of Rock and Roll? »

« No, but it’s super cool! I’ve got a cool story about David too, there is a restaurant where he used to go often and he arranged with the director a special routine for him. Each time, he would go into the restaurant, he waved at the waitress and the team would immediately prepare his favourite sandwich: a sandwich and a beer. There’s something else I really like about David Bowie he could sing several styles of music like electro, pop or rock and he recorded many albums! He first became famous with that song I particularly enjoy: Space Oddity »

« Yes, but you can’t compare Space Oddity and Blue Suede Shoes, he invented Rock‘n Roll with that song, everything started with that song. The way he sings is incredible, and it’s something new. »

« Have you forgotten about “Let’s Dance”? This song is the best song he ever made. It was a huge success, the biggest success of his career. All his concerts were stunning and took place in big stadiums. He was and still is a beloved star. »

« Well, this song was incredible, you’re right but not as much as “Hound Dog”. This song revealed him to the whole world, and revealed his famous dance move, and he shows us legendary stage skills. »

« I don’t know if you remember about the band Tin Machine, but it was his band. They created it in 1988, and for sure, the song “Under the god” they released together was so cool. David wrote it conveying  special messages. »

« I know a song which is very cool, hum… no, not cool, and I will say it’s my favourite song of all time, it’s a dazzling song. “Can’t help falling in love”, he sang it for a movie. He acted in many movies, in fact; he didn’t like playing in that one. »

« Oh, I love this song too. David must have been proud of his career, he has his own star on the Walk of Fame, and this is unbelievable. »

« Elvis has got one too. But you convinced me, David Bowie is a legend, and I’d have loved to go to one of his concert and he is an icon of pop/rock music. »

« Are you kidding me I was about to say you were right! Elvis is more important than David! He was a real actor not only a singer! »

« We’re going around  in circles! David wasn’t only a singer, you’ve just told me that! »

« Well… In fact, I have a solution they’re both awesome, in their own styles »

« You mean Elvis Presley is the best in Rock and Roll »

« He is the “King » !  »

« And David Bowie is the Best musician in a pop/rock style. I totally agree with this idea! »

« Yes, it’s exactly that. We worked this out! »

« Amazing! Oh no, time to go! I think we’re ready for our presentation! »

« I hope so! Let’s go! »



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